According to my roommate you can alter where you're originally from.
  • Gabby: I put I'm from New Zealand.
  • Xoch: But you're not.
  • Gabby: Yea but one day I will be.
  • Xoch: But you're not.
  • Gabby: So people don't know what.
  • Xoch: ...
  • Gabby: ...
  • Xoch: ....
  • Gabby: I wanna be from Paris now.
  • Xoch: Hahah what the fuck you can't just pick and choose!
  • Gabby: Maybe Greece, no Rome. NO! New Orleans and New York.
  • Xoch: You just wanna be a little whore, all over the place.
  • Gabby: Oh well, at least I'm enjoying myself.
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